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The Celtic Way

Are you ready to take a deep journey into Celtic Christianity?

If you are ready for a life changing journey to discover what made Celtic Christianity so powerful then join The Celtic Way, an at your own pace online learning experience with incredible, insightful instructors of Celtic Christianity.

How many of you have read or listened to the stories of the Celtic Saints?

 How many of you have ever wondered to yourself, "How did these people walk in such power and authority?" When you read about the enthralling miracles and signs and wonders that followed the lives of these incredible men and women, does that make you hungry for more?

These Celtic lands have an incredibly rich Christian heritage and are deeply rooted in the foundation of the teachings of the Apostles. The plumbline of truth was very evident in the lives of the Celtic Saints and is seen in their wonderful and loving embrace of our Father in Heaven, and is also witnessed in the sounds and the music that flows out of these lands.


Are you ready for transformation in your life? Are you ready to walk in the power, authority, signs, wonders and miracles that they walked in?


If this is you, then this school is the place you want to be. Over the course of a year we are going to take you on an incredible journey and show you what these men and woman practiced and partook of in their walk with the Creator of all mankind.


Join Ray & Denise Hughes, Grant & Samantha Mahoney, Stevie Mckie and Jane Schroeder on this incredible journey.


What are you going to learn?

As part of this in-depth online school you are going to walk a journey through the lives of the Celtic Saints and together we are going to look at what they practiced and lived out in their daily lives that in turn translated to nation changing power.

To find out more about what content is contained in each of the 3 sections of course material for The Celtic Way,  please proceed to the bottom of the page and click which section you would like to view.


Meet Your Amazing Teachers

Topics Covered in The Celtic Way

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You can register at any time and start your course whenever you are ready.  Once payment has been received you will receive an email with a link and password to your content.

The Celtic Way - Part 1

Cost is $200 USD

The Celtic Way - Part 2

Cost is $200 USD

The Celtic Way - Part 3

Cost is $200 USD

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