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  • About Mentoring
    Each week, we receive numerous emails from individuals facing challenges in their personal lives, families, and ministries. They seek the insights and guidance that could transform their circumstances. ​Our core function is addressing spiritual accusations in the Courts of Heaven. We also work to clear the ‘black spots’ in DNA that trace back to past agreements made by individuals or their ancestors. These agreements often give negative energies the authority to disrupt our lives. While many seek solutions to specific challenges, others yearn for mentorship, training, and a deeper understanding of the Kingdom, aspiring to grow into mature spiritual figures. Our 1:1 mentoring has borne immense fruit, and we humbly attribute its success to Yahweh. However, our personal time and resources are finite. As a result, we can't cater to everyone reaching out. Thankfully, our robust team is adept in the protocols of the Courts of Heaven and experienced in DNA reconciliation. With diverse backgrounds and unique gifts, they have committed to sharing their wisdom, guiding you in reclaiming your spiritual territory. They stand ready to mentor individuals who might require extended guidance. We share a close bond with each mentor and vouch for their relationship with God, ethics, and spiritual principles. We trust them wholeheartedly and recommend them without reservation.
  • How Does the Mentoring Work?
    1. Choose Your Engagement Type: Opt for a single session where your chosen mentor will converse with you on Zoom or in-person (if feasible), providing guidance and actionable insights. Alternatively, your mentor can accompany you over a short span, addressing multiple issues across 4 sessions scheduled weekly or monthly. 2. Pick Your Mentor: Below, each mentor has provided a short biography indicating their expertise. Browse and select one aligning with your needs. 3. Review Our Protocol: Prior to reaching out, please familiarize yourself with our ‘Protocol for Appointments’. 4. Send Your Request: Fill out the 'Mentor Request Form' at the end of this page. 5. Complete Payment: Upon receipt of your form, we’ll send a payment request via PayPal. Check the “Financial Considerations” section for details. 6. Schedule Your Session: Your chosen mentor will get in touch within 48 hours to arrange the session.
  • Protocol for Appointments
    At difficult moments in life, our problems might seem insurmountable. Bringing in an external perspective can offer fresh insights, helping navigate challenges. Mentorship aids personal growth, guiding individuals through significant transitions and instilling a sense of purpose. Mentoring isn't about 'fixing' individuals. It's a collaborative journey where mentors facilitate personal exploration, helping break negative patterns and fostering aspirations. We tailor our sessions to your goals, devising strategies and tools tailored to your ambitions.
  • How are Sessions Conducted?
    All sessions are conducted on Zoom ​ Session Duration: Regardless of opting for a single or multiple sessions, each lasts between 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • Financial Considerations
    Costs are as follows: Single session: NZD 150 / USD $150 / USD $180 Four sessions: NZD$500 / USD $500 / USD $600 Payments reflect the location of your selected mentor. For example, any mentor within New Zealand you will be charged $150 NZD for your session. For Samantha Mahoney you will be charged $150 USD and for Grant Mahoney $180 USD per session. There are discounts if you book 4 sessions upfront. After sending your form, expect an email invoice via Stripe. Only upon special request will we facilitate PayPal transactions. Full payment is required at the time of registration, and we unfortunately do not offer payment plans.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Fees are non-refundable. Unattended sessions without prior notification result in a forfeited session without a refund. Sessions can be rescheduled with 24 hours' notice.
  • Requirements
    Understand that mentoring isn’t a quick fix. It's a process where guidance is provided, but you'll have an active role in enacting change. You might receive tasks to complete between sessions, demanding 1-3 hours weekly. The entire fee for a 4-session package must be settled upfront.
  • Ready to Start?
    Complete the ‘Mentoring Request Form’ below. Await the payment request via email, and then make the payment. Your chosen mentor will contact you within 48 hours to organize your sessions. We are honored to be part of your spiritual journey. A bright future awaits, and we are eager to see you thrive!
Our Mentors

Paula Sweetman - $150 NZD

Paula has been married for 39 years and has two children. Over the past few years, she has been mentored in operating in the "Navigating the Courts of Heaven." From this training, she has gained insight into recognizing spiritual legal challenges against individuals and accessing the Courts to counter these accusations, ultimately securing favorable judgments.

She has led a team of Intercessors and Seers and conducted DNA Reconciliation sessions for numerous clients. These sessions have empowered them to align with the blueprints of their spiritual scrolls.

For the past 8 years, Paula has been a dedicated Intercessor for Ohel Moed. She embodies integrity and is deeply rooted in her faith. Guided by the 7 Spirits of God, when Paula speaks, her words are infused with wisdom.

Paula is both a pioneer and a forerunner, trailblazing and laying the foundation for end-time ministries in the Kingdom of God. Her passion extends to the nations and people worldwide, and her deepest prayer is for the Kingdom of God to be firmly established and revered.

Brian & Margaret Boshoff - $150 NZD

Brian and Margaret lived in South Africa for 33 years before immigrating to New Zealand 9 years ago. Due to the escalating crime rates in South Africa, they felt compelled to get involved in their community, specifically assisting the victims of crime.

Joining the Community Policing Forum, they underwent training in trauma counseling and victim support. This put them directly in touch with individuals who had faced deeply personal and devastating experiences. Brian and Margaret, often referred to as Margie, leaned heavily on their faith, relying on the Holy Spirit and seeking wisdom and counsel to guide them in providing healing strategies to these individuals.


They are passionate about extending the love and compassion of God into situations, aiming to bring healing and freedom to people from all backgrounds. Their firsthand experiences during the Rhodesian war have given them unique insights into the traumas and lasting impacts of conflict, including the strain it places on marriages.

Having navigated numerous personal challenges and emerging stronger, they minister from a place of genuine authority and conviction. Their deep understanding of the solace that only God can provide drives them to share this knowledge and revelation with those who are hurting and in need of healing.

Viriama Chambers - $150 NZD


The guidance, love, and biblical teachings imparted to Viriama by her parents provided a strong foundation for her spiritual growth.

Yearning for a deeper understanding of the Kingdom realm and the mysteries within the Word of God, a close family friend introduced her to Ohel Moed. Here, she received comprehensive training and practical application on topics like DNA Reconciliation, Freedom from Freemasonry, and the Courts of Heaven. This training not only enriched Viriama but also visibly impacted her family and broader circle, empowering and inspiring her.


Throughout her journey, Viriama has found security in her identity as a child of God, breaking through barriers and deepening her relationship with the Divine.

Viriama is equipped to guide you on how to:

  • Integrate these truths into your life,

  • Navigate the Courts to obtain favorable judgments,

  • Purify your DNA from its imperfections,

  • Delve into the secrets and mysteries of the Word on your own,

  • Utilize practical strategies to ensure that the Kingdom's purposes manifest, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Samantha Mahoney - $150 USD

Samantha Mahoney is a dedicated mentor specializing in the Healing Codes, serving as a beacon of health and wellness for individuals seeking balance in body, soul, and spirit. With a respected certifications in Health Coaching, Healing Codes and VoiceBio Analysis Samantha possesses a deep and nuanced understanding of the intrinsic connections that exist between the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of human experience. Her journey in holistic health began with a personal commitment to not only nourish her own well-being but also inspire and guide others to achieve their optimal health.

In her transformative sessions, Samantha employs the Healing Codes, a groundbreaking system designed to send healing energy to mend the negative beliefs and memories that often lie at the root of various health problems, emotional struggles, and spiritual disconnections. With an approach that is as compassionate as it is knowledgeable, Samantha supports her clients in activating their body's inherent healing processes, leading to a life of increased vitality, deeper relationships, and authentic happiness.

Passionate about fostering health that encompasses the triad of body, soul, and spirit, Samantha deeply believes in the power of aligning one's entire being to walk confidently and joyously through life. Her personalized coaching services reflect this philosophy, providing each client with the tools and insights needed to thrive. Whether she is conducting one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or speaking engagements, Samantha’s enthusiasm for total wellness is both infectious and inspiring.

Grant Mahoney - $180 USD

Grant Mahoney is a seasoned mentor and business professional profoundly dedicated to nurturing individuals in their divine calling, faithfully guiding them on paths God has meticulously designed for each one. With a heart fervently ignited for seeing Christians not just in, but thriving through, the realm of business, Grant commits to empowering believers to seamlessly merge faith and entrepreneurship, embodying kingdom principles in every facet of the corporate environment.

Grant's business acumen is not theoretical but robustly practical, stemming from a vibrant tapestry of experiences garnered through years of steering his ventures and contributing strategically to blue-chip corporations. He is an entrepreneur with a portfolio shimmering with successful companies birthed and nurtured to sustainability under his tutelage.

For Grant, mentoring is not a mere responsibility but a spirited calling and joyful service to others, a medium through which he participates in the unfolding of God’s purpose in the lives of many. Through insightful coaching and mentorship, he provides a compass for many, illuminating the often murky waters of professional and spiritual development, guiding with wisdom, integrity, and an unwavering faith. His approach is holistic, viewing every individual as a tapestry of potential, dreams, and divine purpose, awaiting the right nurturing and guidance to bloom into fruition.

Book a Mentoring Session

Note: To schedule a session or a series of sessions, fill out the form below the mentor bios. Ensure all mandatory fields marked with * are completed. Once submitted, expect a response within 48 hours.

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