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DNA Realignment

Understanding DNA Realignment: An Overview

DNA realignment is a topic we frequently encounter inquiries about. Succinctly, it refers to the realignment of your spiritual DNA, brought back to its original configuration through repentance. This process involves addressing and resolving the generational baggage affecting your spiritual DNA.

Engaging with your spiritual DNA in this manner enables you to represent your generational line in the Courts of Heaven. As a representative, you can confront and resolve the iniquities, sins, and transgressions held against your lineage.

Repentance plays a pivotal role in this process. It is arguably one of the most potent forms of deliverance available to believers. For those seeking scriptural references supporting the relevance of repentance today, we provide a comprehensive list.

One of the significant benefits of DNA realignment is the positive impact it has on your future generations. As you address and resolve accusations against your generational line in the Courts of Heaven, you not only redeem past issues through the redemptive power of Jesus' Blood but also realign the future in accordance with the Father’s predestined plan for you and your unborn descendants.

Many individuals have testified to witnessing transformative changes within their immediate families—changes observed in sons, daughters, siblings, parents, and grandchildren—following DNA realignment. These testimonials underscore the profound influence and benefits of engaging in the process of spiritual DNA realignment.

Meet Phillip & Lilia

Leaders, Administrators, Seers & Lovers of the Lord

Phillip Williams and Lilia Hernandez-Williams lead the DNA Realignment (Generational Bloodline Cleansing) teams. They are passionate about seeing people set free from generational strongholds; helping them overcome lies and limitations; realigning their DNA back to its original pattern; empowering them to walk out their destiny scrolls; and enabling them to grow in maturity as sons of God.


The ministry team consists of regional teams of gifted administrators, seers, and intercessors who live in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Phillip and Lilia reside in Augusta, Georgia, USA, and together have two sons, four daughters, three grandsons, and two granddaughters. They previously served for many years in various types of church ministries, including pastoral, prophetic, teaching, deliverance, intercession, evangelism, and eldership.

More recently, Phillip and Lilia studied under the teachers and mentors of The Nest, Flight School, and Origin Gate.




Phillip retired from active duty after 22 years of military service and currently works in civil service. Lilia is also a veteran and has worked in the international business sector for more than two decades.


They and their teams are extremely excited about the privilege and opportunity to deliver you into greater freedom, victory, and intimacy in the Lord..

DNA REALIGNMENT - Schedule Your Session Today!


At Ohel Moed, we hold a steadfast belief in the power of unity. Our corporate model embodies the union of individuals, akin to spiritual siblings, collaboratively addressing generational issues. This unified approach aids in the realignment of our spiritual DNA, proving to be highly effective.


The collective assembly, or Ecclesia, in Heaven carries remarkable significance in the spiritual realm. Its influential presence is not only noteworthy but also exceptionally proficient in swaying the heart of the Father. Engage with us, as we navigate through these profound spiritual experiences together.


Book your session now to be part of a transformative journey that binds us in spiritual unity and alignment! 

Note: There will be a cost to have your bloodline done, which will be explained in the correspondence you will receive after the form has been filled in and confirmed by the team. If you have not received an email response in a timely manner, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

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