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Embark on a transformative journey of faith with Ohel Moed, a devoted Christian ministry reaching hearts globally through travel, speaking engagements, conferences, and schools. Our passionate team illuminate paths of healing and empowerment, addressing generational bloodline issues and providing invaluable mentorship. Every contribution you make enables us to fulfill our destiny scrolls and extend our helping hands farther and wider.

Become an indispensable partner with us in our mission. Your generous trade is not just a donation; it's an investment in lives, destinies, and the nations of the earth. Every donation counts. Thank you for your unfailing support.

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Our group, comprised of Kingdom pioneers, is dedicated to fostering deep connections with El Elyon (The Lord Most High) and contributing positively to the challenging times we all face. Our aim is to immerse ourselves and others in the love of Jesus Christ, helping individuals experience transformative journeys through engaging sessions in the Courts of Heaven, where we've witnessed healing, deliverance, and the remarkable realignment of individuals’ DNA.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our financial supporters, who have been instrumental in globalizing our message, and we acknowledge their invaluable and steadfast support. For those considering joining our supportive community, the Ohel Moed tribe warmly welcomes you. Your investment and support, even if not physically present, will ensure you share in the inheritance and spoils received from the divine assignments of our members, Grant and Sam. Together, we work collaboratively to reveal His Kingdom within us and throughout the Earth.

Our Monthly Support Tiers:

Bronze Supporter: $25 USD Per Month

Silver Supporter: $50 USD Per Month


Gold Supporter: $75 USD Per Month


Platinum Supporter: $150 Per Month

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