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Grant & Samantha Mahoney
Welcome You

Welcome to Ohel Moed. 

Established over 15 years ago, Ohel Moed has been a sanctuary for faith, growth, and spiritual rejuvenation. Founded by Grant and Samantha Mahoney, our Christian ministry has since blossomed, mirroring the unyielding love and passion we have for our Lord.


Ministry Friends & Partners

Below are a list of our ministry friends and partners that we often co-labour with in the Kingdom of God


Ohel Moed


Sign Up for one of these:

The Celtic Way

(1 Year Online School)

Are you ready to take a deep journey into Celtic Christianity?​

Join The Celtic Way 2024, a one-year online learning experience with incredible, insightful instructors of Celtic Christianity.


Are you ready for transformation in your life? Are you ready to walk in the power, authority, signs, wonders and miracles that they walked in?

If this is you, then this school is the place you want to be. Over the course of a year we are going to take you on an incredible journey and show you what these men and woman practiced and partook of in their walk with the Creator of all mankind.

Join Ray & Denise Hughes, Grant & Samantha Mahoney, Stevie Mckie and Jane Schroeder on this incredible journey.

Greater Depths

(Online Community & Bible Study)

We're excited to announce the launch of our new online community, Greater Depths.

In a world where there's an influx of misleading teachings, Grant & Samantha Mahoney, alongside Stevie & Emma Mckie, have initiated a quest for authentic scriptural exploration.


Our goal is to create a space where believers solidify their foundation in the Word, discuss, and learn, reminiscent of the Book of Acts.

Think of it as your virtual "Home Group"! We'll gather on Zoom, delve into smaller "Breakout Rooms" for intimate discussions, and also offer an online forum for in-depth topic exploration.


We aim to foster a real sense of community, encouraging members nearby to connect offline or online.

The Academy of Shem & Eber

(2 Year Online School)

Unlock the Secrets of Ancient Wisdom at The Academy of Shem and Eber!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of enlightenment and discovery? Welcome to The Academy of Shem and Eber, where the timeless teachings of antiquity merge with modern convenience to bring you a Christ centered unparalleled educational experience.

Prepare to be amazed as you delve into mystical teachings presented from a Hebraic viewpoint, exploring the depths of wisdom that have captivated seekers for centuries.


Our 2-year program is designed to immerse you in the profound mysteries of the universe, offering 2 months of intensive learning followed by 1 month off where you are able to apply the knowledge you have gained in practical application into your daily life. 

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